Work with Devin

In my work…

I humbly offer guidance in the realms of teaching, creating, and healing.

I friendly facilitate private and public sessions, seminars, and workshops.

I gracefully meet clients both in person and virtually, via various mediums.

I joyfully work with individuals, groups, and companies.

I gratefully charge a rate of $124 / Hour

What clients say

My experience was enriched through Devin’s services—I can’t recommend him enough—and I’m excited to work with him again moving forwards.

Michael K.

In the worst times of my life, where I felt alone and scared, Devin empowered me to understand and control my emotions.

James W.

With Devin’s assured and gentle guidance, I found I had been unable to speak some uncomfortable truths. …I highly recommend him!

Erin S.

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(( And, if you were wondering, “friendly” is an adverb too ))

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