Devin has this ageless and assured wisdom about him that is instantly comforting and recognizable and will put you at ease immediately with him. I spoke with him to get some guidance around changing a longtime habit of mine around routines and time management. It’s something that’s going to take a little time, but we … Continue reading Melanie; Boston, MA

Melanie; Boston, MA

Thank you so much for our session, Devin. I greatly appreciated the breadth of knowledge and tools you had to offer to help shift my perspective when needed. I felt safe knowing that you are grounded in a wealth of wisdom, so that I could let myself fall apart. But what I most loved about … Continue reading Tina Wallace; Smyrna, GA

Tina Wallace; Smyrna, GA

Thank you Devin for the powerful hour-long session he gifted me. I felt compelled to take him up on this offer, though I could not cognitively figure out what I wanted to focus the session on. Devin held space for me and led a dropping in exercise, which led me immediately to what wanted to … Continue reading Lauren DeRusha; Boston, MA

Lauren DeRusha; Boston, MA

Devin’s style is very laidback and conversational. I would recommend a session with Devin to someone who wants to be able to talk things out and have a friendly presence, a feeling of heart-to-heart and an exchange of experiences. It felt easy to talk and to bring up what I wanted to work through and … Continue reading Leo Stardust; Long Beach, WA

Leo Stardust; Long Beach, WA

I’d been actively doing transformative work on myself for a while, day in, day out. I was proud of my persistence, faithfully putting in my time at the inner gym. And, I was slowly growing more and more impatient, not just for clockable results, but even for opportunities to test out whether I’d made improvements. … Continue reading Chris Jeffries; Seattle, WA

Chris Jeffries; Seattle, WA

Devin I am still lit up from our conversation yesterday! I so appreciate your process of deep listening and reflection. When you got me to that point of ‘So what is your decision?’ I’ve never felt so sure about something! Your process of conversation carefully untangled all of the back story. Then you grounded it … Continue reading LaShanda Brown; Winston-Salem, NC

LaShanda Brown; Winston-Salem, NC

What is sorely needed in our society + healing industries today is healthy masculine energy. Devin totally embodies this energy and his work reflects that. Normally, I am a very reserved person and have only felt comfortable speaking with female healers/counselors, etc. about sexual trauma and harassment. Thus, this was the first time ever that … Continue reading Nikki Davis; Phoenix, AZ

Nikki Davis; Phoenix, AZ

Revealing my authentic concerns, deep doubts and daily gripes to Devin felt like being carried by a spirit guardian. In our time together, I came to an even deeper clarity of my own calling, alongside a deeper compassionate acceptance of my own “supposed” shortcomings. Devin becomes like a Mirror-Bowl, a space to hold my entire … Continue reading Rev. Nadine Morsch; Schaghticoke, NY

Rev. Nadine Morsch; Schaghticoke, NY

I decided to do a hypnosis session with Devin because I was struggling with finding a place to live and it felt like a deeper pattern surfacing that was creating that blockage. I felt like I basically fell asleep during the session so was unsure of it’s efficacy. Literally within minutes of the session being … Continue reading Nicole Elko; Ithaca, NY

Nicole Elko; Ithaca, NY

Devin proposed a hypnosis session to help me confront my chronic wrist pain, which was something that had a huge impact on my life and job as an artist. In the consultation before the actual hypnosis, I said something about wanting to do what I can to tackle the issue now, since it was only … Continue reading Zack Morrison; CA

Zack Morrison; CA

The reason I was looking for help was for a public speaking event I had coming up, and I must say that this worked! When I first met Devin, we chatted for a while about what I would like to get out of this experience. I quickly went into the hypnotized state as Devin has … Continue reading Lisa Getter; Nantucket, MA

Lisa Getter; Nantucket, MA

At the beginning of our session, I was sitting on some uncomfortable sensations, but I couldn’t name the source. I knew it had something to do with the desire to be successful in the new endeavors I was launching. With Devin’s assured and gentle guidance, I found I had been unable to speak some uncomfortable … Continue reading Erin Marie Sickler; Troy, NY

Erin Marie Sickler; Troy, NY

Devin, I just wanted to thank you again for the great sessions we did together. I have done hypnosis before, but never as an active partner in the process. I still l have all the great feelings you helped me find in myself, and I can’t hardly believe how much more I enjoy my time … Continue reading Dan McAbee, Capt. ALA Ret.; Seattle, WA

Dan McAbee, Capt. ALA Ret.; Seattle, WA

Devin is a gifted hypnotherapist. I worked with him several times and experienced deep and profound healing. He is fully engaged with his clients, very positive, supportive and creative in developing meaningful suggestions and imagery for the subconscious mind. I recommend Devin with no reservations!

Grace MacMillan; Laguna Beach, CA

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Devin. He is extremely insightful, calming, and comforting. He was adept at guiding me through my thoughts in a relaxing manner while also helping me work through negative emotions, and he truly listened to what I had to say. In the worst times of my life, where … Continue reading James; NY

James; NY

I had suffered from a fear of criticism that significantly limited my potential as a musician. Through the power of hypnosis, Devin helped me overcome my fear. I now feel empowered and enthusiastic when performing for others. Hypnosis has proven to be an invaluable resource in my personal growth and happiness.

Casey Petty; CO

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