Zack Morrison; CA

Devin proposed a hypnosis session to help me confront my chronic wrist pain, which was something that had a huge impact on my life and job as an artist. In the consultation before the actual hypnosis, I said something about wanting to do what I can to tackle the issue now, since it was only going to get worse five, ten, fifteen years down the line, as I got older. Devin stopped me right there and asked a question that ended up being genuinely transformative: “How do you know that?” I didn’t have an answer, but he had another question. “How do you know your pain won’t be completely gone by then?”

I had gone into the hypnosis experience skeptical, willing to try anything but unsure I’d achieve my goal of finding a new way to manage or reduce my pain. I left no longer accepting it as an inevitability, hopeful I could be rid of it entirely. The hypnosis itself was an incredibly rewarding and relaxing experience focused on helping me keep up a schedule of stretching and maintenance, which I realized I’d been neglecting through conversation with Devin. I carry feelings and imagery from the experience forward with me to this day and return to them regularly. It was only a single session conducted over the internet, but I genuinely use it as a before and after marker for two entirely different periods of my life. It’s been a few months since and with a combination of daily basic qigong stretches and a positive outlook I found in this experience, I am completely free of wrist pain. I was ready to heal and Devin was the push I needed.