Tina Wallace; Smyrna, GA

Thank you so much for our session, Devin. I greatly appreciated the breadth of knowledge and tools you had to offer to help shift my perspective when needed. I felt safe knowing that you are grounded in a wealth of wisdom, so that I could let myself fall apart. But what I most loved about working with you was your presence, with its tremendous warmth, lightness, and clarity, and your ability to hold space in a way that felt very accepting and gentle.

I tend to want to chase my thoughts as they shift and double-back and flip to completely different perspectives, which can be hard for some people to follow. But you did so effortlessly, and also guided me back to touching in with my body and emotions, whenever my thoughts wanted to drag me too far away from being with my experience. And you held all of this with gentle humor and grace, not being too serious but still staying centered and present with me, which is something I appreciate.

One thing we talked about was how I value therapists/counselors/healers/etc who work from a knowing that their clients hold the capacity to heal themselves, if given the space and tools to allow that, rather than from coming from a position of disempowering superiority. And that is definitely a sense that I got from you, that you believe in the limitless potential of whomever you’re working with and your work is simply to help them access that. That in itself is a huge gift to be able to offer. I thank you for sharing that with me.