Nikki Davis; Phoenix, AZ

What is sorely needed in our society + healing industries today is healthy masculine energy. Devin totally embodies this energy and his work reflects that.

Normally, I am a very reserved person and have only felt comfortable speaking with female healers/counselors, etc. about sexual trauma and harassment. Thus, this was the first time ever that I have felt safe, respected, and honored by healthy male energy around this topic. His attentiveness and cultivating this space for me allowed me to really express where I was in my healing journey. Additionally, his guidance + coaching (not counseling) allowed me to see where I could make tangible shifts in my life in order to really receive what it is that my heart desires. I left feeling empowered and excited about moving forward. It was a definitive shift in consciousness and perspective and I really appreciated his work, compassion, and beautiful energy. ⭐️

Let’s face it. A lot of us on the healing path have done the self help route for years. Yet, the most dramatic changes come about when we work with a successful and compassionate healer, coach, etc. who is able to identify blind spots, etc . With that, I would consider Devin to be one of those and am excited to see what he continues to bring forward in his work.

Nikki Davis, Graphic Designer/Desktop Publisher