Lauren DeRusha; Boston, MA

Thank you Devin for the powerful hour-long session he gifted me. I felt compelled to take him up on this offer, though I could not cognitively figure out what I wanted to focus the session on. Devin held space for me and led a dropping in exercise, which led me immediately to what wanted to come out: challenges expressing my anger.

And so, off we went in the direction of accessing and expressing my inner ferocity. The session was a beautiful, emergent mix of conversation and embodiment exercises. What happened for me during the session? I felt like I found a channel/outlet for an inner, scary, shadowy, fierce creature that will FUCK YOU UP and that has not been allowed out of its cage very many times in my life. I felt turned on by my rage and practiced moving that energy around my whole body and field.

We landed with a 10 minutes-a-day regimen for me to get in touch with my inner ferocity. Day 1 of exercises after the session already turned up some powerful, difficult emotion that I had been suppressing in my relationship, and led to a profound and beautiful conversation with my partner. I can’t wait (and am a little nervous for, honestly) what a full week and beyond of this powerful embodiment exercise will bring and unveil for me. Thank you deeply, Devin! 

I would call this session: Find your Ferocity. I would value this session at: $200