Transformational Coaching: A Powerful New Service

I recently began offering a new service called Transformational Coaching, and it seems to be a hit!

There was a testing phase during which I delivered 8 free sessions, each going to 1 participant, and I collected their testimonials. The next 8 posts published to this blog will be those testimonials.

Transformational Coaching, as I am calling it for now, is an approach that combines all of my knowledge and experience of various modalities, philosophies, and techniques, into one harmonious expression.

I bring together Shamanism, Hermeticism, Mindfulness, Qigong, Hypnosis, and channel them through the form, “Coaching”, with the intention of aligning you to your true self.

By doing this, you are able to perceive your reality more clearly, from a grounded, authentic, empowered perspective.

This allows you make effective moves toward realizing your desires, and living your best life.

Sounds good, eh?

And for only $40! What are you waiting for?

You won’t be disappointed – unless you want to be, and you’re trying to create situations in your life that help you to feel disappointed…

In which case, please don’t waste our time by booking a session with me – unless you want to change that pattern of disappointment in your life…

In which case, Transformational Coaching is for you! Go ahead and book that session!

Here are some other indications that Transformational Coaching may be for you:

You desire to make a decision and are seeking clarity

You desire to discover and transform old patterns

You desire to install new beneficial habits

You desire to integrate powerful past experiences

You desire to feel truly, deeply, lovingly witnessed

You desire to receive beneficial masculine energy

You desire to receive attentive dominant energy

You desire to be gently guided along your path

You desire to be held accountable for your bullshit

You desire to know that the answers live within you

You desire to feel validated in your unique perspective

If any of these is a desire of yours, then I strongly encourage you to book a session with me immediately.

I look forward to meeting your true self soon.


Devin The Mindful Mage