Gabor Maté on authenticity + my perspective

Gabor Mate – Live authentically, being nice will kill you! Published by Strangepete. >>

This brings up a lot for me. I have gone through many transformations (which all could be parts of the one major transformation that is still unfolding) catalyzed by events that affected my well~being, both of body and mind, in apparently negative ways.

I think this is one way that the True Self, the part of us who is always in integrity (call it the spirit or soul if you will) ‘encourages’ us to shift into alignment with the true reason we are here living this life. Disease (dis-ease) is a very useful way to stimulate change from this perspective. Unfortunately (or not), we live in a society which encourages using drugs (pharmaceutical and other) to mask the root causes of disease, and this enables us to forgo making the self-changes that would actually guide us into a higher state of well~being than we were in before… But that is a topic for another time.

I have also felt deeply this bit about authenticity, especially concerning the ‘face’ I show in public. I used to care much more about this, but it became wearisome to worry about how others perceived me in each situation. Now I focus on expressing my unique truth, in each unique moment, without worrying about being ‘consistent’ in my expressions.

That’s a big thing, you know! People like to feel like they ‘know’ you, but how can they when you are always changing? Truly, we are all always changing! I could wake up tomorrow a totally different person — and I would still be me.

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In Benevolence,

Devin The Mindful Mage

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