my oh my, how things change

So very quickly! If we allow it. If we are open to that changing, transforming flux and flow.

But I shall say “I”, for I AM changing once again, as always and forever — apparently so, anyway.

. . .

So what am I talking about?

Well, I was going to teach a workshop on self-hypnosis at my local library. I had scheduled it last month, a little over a month ago I think.

And now, I have cancelled it.

I went to an amazing festival called Unifier last week, met beautiful people, reconnected with special friends, and opened up to myself in ways I did not even know were possible.

Upon arriving back in ‘the real world’ so to speak — more accurately, the larger consensus reality story we are collectively telling ourselves — I was presented with the opportunity to continue this fantastically magical journey with friends very soon. I intended to go, and then…

And email from my library reminding me of my workshop, and telling me that 15 people had signed up already! Wow! What an honor!

I didn’t want to let these people down, nor did I want to sacrifice my own integrity. However, I had changed, very deeply, very quickly, and this workshop was no longer my priority, simply because it was no longer my highest joy.

And if I have learned anything over these past many years, it is this:

The most important thing I can do is to follow my highest joy. It is within that space of being that I am most powerfully healing for myself and others.

I must trust the dancing song of my heart, and listen closely, lovingly.

And this is exactly what I intended to do — no matter what!

And also! I don’t want to leave those folks hanging. So I will be making a self-hypnosis tutorial very soon, and sharing it on YouTube for all to watch and learn this powerful skill.

Thank you for joining me on this marvelous journey of life, love, and laughter. I am wishing you all the best things in this world.


In Benevolence,

Devin The Mindful Mage

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