Another Introduction

I changed this website around a lot: a new theme, new content, and I deleted just about everything that was here before. Spring cleaning, perhaps. I felt it had to be done, so that I can better express what I am really trying to do here.

I don’t entirely like deleting my old blog posts. I think it’s a good thing to keep them, to show how something changes shape over time. That’s the artist in me. I also think it’s a good thing to be as focused and aligned with my integrity as possible. Here I find myself caught within yet another paradox:

Deleting the posts would go against my integrity — and yet, most of the posts, by their content, go against my current integrity. Alas!

But I find this an easy paradox to resolve. I am only “caught” within it if I deliberate about what choice to make. And so, I have chosen to delete them and start anew, making sure that I maintain my integrity with each new post.

What does that mean? Well, in many previous posts I was writing with the agenda of demonstrating to others that I know what I am talking about — that I may even know enough to provide my services in exchange for money. And, although that would be nice, it wasn’t really aligned with my deeper desire to simply share my perspective with the rest of the world.

In a way, I don’t want you to think I know what I am talking about. In another way, I don’t even want to know what I am talking about — and I know that I don’t know! I am not trying to be an expert, I just want to enjoy this experience of mine, learn some of this and some of that, and maybe learn a lot about this other thing, and share what I find with others who are interested. I don’t want you to ‘take my word for it’, I just want to provide you with another perspective with which to view reality, and maybe even get you to question what you previously held as true. Doesn’t that sound fun?

So then, in what way am I going to express myself here, you might ask. I am wondering that very same thing even as I write this post. It seems to me, upon delving deeper within the sea of my self and reflecting on the glassy water mirror of my mind, that what you are reading — right here and now — is the way I will be expressing myself as The Mindful Mage. I wish to share my perspective, my thoughts, and, dare I say, my opinions! When I have them, that is. I tend to not have many opinions these days, at least not about the things that most people might have opinions.

I will surely write about all the things that I do, such as hypnosis and qigong and all that good stuff, but I won’t try to convince you that I am an expert. I will write what I write, and leave it up to you to determine whether or not I know what I am talking about. Truly, the only thing I can really know for certain is my own experience, and this is exactly what I will be sharing with you in these posts.

And I only share what I think is helpful and healing.

With all that said, the services I offer are front and center on the homepage of this website. By all means, if you like what I share enough to pay to work with me, I will gladly accept that exchange, if you are sincerely interested in spiritual evolution.

Now the only thing that’s left for me to figure out — and this is what trips me up every time — is how I am going to categorize all the posts I publish. It seems that I can so easily start writing about one thing and mention ten other things by the end of the post. But this is really just a consequence of realizing on a deep and fundamental level that all things are interconnected. So, we shall see how I fair at that!

. . .
In Benevolence
With Infinite Love
Devin The Mindful Mage

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